December 4th, 2006



Woke up to discover that it was snowing like crazy outside, a heavy wet snow that covered lawn and limbs, but melted when it hit pavement. Now it is sunny, and the first snow of the season is gone.

I finally got around to properly rehanging the newly-painted back room door. There were a couple of issues here. First, the hinges were rusted, the result of years of being the entrance to the only air conditioned room in the house, and the resulting condensation on especially humid days. I actually had to clean off some mildew one summer. I never noticed the rust (the hinges are brass colored steel) until now. I cleaned it off with a wire brush, but that also took the brass finish off the metal. Not rusted, but not attractive, either. I got some brass colored spray paint to paint them with, but then I had a brilliant idea.

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The third project worked on was a rebuild of my main computer, but more on that another time.