December 19th, 2006

Books 02

Death and Designation...

I did eventually figure out how to do a proper shuffle on musikCube. A perusal of the documentation (yes, I decided to RtFM) showed that I needed to be in the "Now Playing" window instead of the "Library" window. This is already getting WAY too complicated, but at least I don't have to reject it out of hand.

I have a member of the Science Fiction Book Club on and off since I was in college, which means that over the years I've wound up buying a lot of accidental books, books that I only own because I failed to return a monthly selection card. Even now that I do all my business with SFBC over the net, I still occasionally fail to reject the current selections in time. Witness the package of books I brought back to the Slocum post office Saturday to return them to sender. (Normally, I would've just handed them back to the postmaster when he delivered them to me a week ago, but I wanted to check to make sure they weren't something I'd actually ordered.)

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