January 8th, 2007


It's That Time of Year Again...

The Hall of Fame balloting results will be announced tomorrow. The voters (members of the Baseball Writers Assn. of a certain seniority) can vote for up to ten players. There are 32 names on the ballot. A player needs to be picked on 75% of the ballots for election, and if he's not on 5% of the ballots, or if he's used up his 15 years of eligibility, he's taken off. Here's the list, and who I'd vote for (in bold) if they gave me a ballot. Collapse )

There's already a kerfuffle brewing on this as one voter, a writer in Chicago, has stated that he submitted a blank ballot, and will refuse to vote for any player who played in the steroid era. Which means he won't be voting for anyone ever for the foreseeable future. More over at the Griddle.