March 17th, 2007


Da Blahs...

I am feeling wretched, much like the weather outside. It's partly that I'm still saddled with the cold that refuses to die (two weeks now), and partly because I got up at 2 in the morning to to watch an eBay auction end and never got properly back to sleep. I had gone to bed at about 9:30, so I'd had just enough sleep that when I got back into bed a half hour after getting up my body decided that there must be some sort of mistake, and my brain decided that my time would be better spent reviewing every moment of regret I've had in the last year or so. Fun stuff. When I finally did fall asleep a couple hours later, my dreams were all more of the same. I've never been happier to have to get up early to take the truck in for service. The $400 for new brakes was worth it to get my mind out of that space. At least I won the auction.

On the plus side, when I turned on the MLB feed this afternoon for the Dodgers game from Vero Beach, Vin Scully was doing the call for the first time this spring. I haven't been all that much into spring training this year. I have been listening to the games when I remember to turn them on, but without much enthusiasm. However, listening to Vin today while looking out the window at a world o'slush turned out to be way more cheering than I would've believed. I wasn't even paying all that much attention to the details of the game. It's all about the voice.