April 1st, 2007


First Ride

March went out like a lamb leaving a lovely sunny morning in its wake, so I decided it would be a good day go for the first ride of the season. Of course, by the time I managed to haul the Univega up from the basement, pump up the tires, throw it in the back of the truck, and head down to the bike path, the clouds had rolled in, turning 60° and sunny into 50° and gray. I wore a jacket while riding, which is rare for me, and was glad for it. I damn near froze my ears off. Still, it was nice to get out there. My cough is still with me, but I managed to not hack up a lung whilst riding. Go me.

I never did haul the stationary bike upstairs this winter, so it'd been months since I last exerted myself. It's always a joy to rediscover long-forgotten muscle groups, but despite that and the cold I managed seven miles. Now I'm sore, but it is a pleasant soreness. Here's hoping the weather this spring is less wet than last year.

Cris Carpenter just threw the first pitch of the 2007 MLB season, so it's time to watch some baseball.