April 8th, 2007


Still Winter...

A week into April and winter refuses to leave. There are daffodils abloomin' along side the house, but I first noticed them during the snow flurry we got Thursday. There was some more "winter mix" falling from the skies at times yesterday. Bozhe moi! Needless to say, the bike hasn't moved from where I left it last Sunday.

Even if it were nice I wouldn't be riding because I'm sick. Food poisoning probably, and it meant no trip down to Jersey today for Easter dinner. It looks like my Easter dinner will be soup.

I finally managed to get my shiny new baseball blog, Baseball Ex Machina, to do what it's supposed to. Mostly. Blogger is particularly brain dead when it comes to tables it seems. Anyway, I took a stock template and managed to customize it into something acceptable, then transferred some old posts over there. It seems a far clumsier system than LJ.

Still need to figure out how to do the Blogger version of <ljcut>.