May 23rd, 2007


The Agony of Da Knees...

The weather kept me off the bike for about a week, but yesterday I got out and did 14 miles, double what my usual ride has been so far this year. The knees started to ache a bit as I was coming back on the second lap, and my muscles stiffened up right quick last night, but I do need to stretch out the rides. I am annoyed with myself for not having done it sooner. Still stiff this morning, but not so much that I won't be able to mow the lawn this evening. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Next week is vacation, and I plan on spending part of it shopping for a new bike. I've given up on the widowmaker. I made a big mistake when I bought it. I got it because it was the exact brand and style I wanted (a Fuji Silhouette), but I didn't pay attention to the frame size. It was pouring rain the day I bought it, so there was no chance of a test ride, but I suspect even then I wouldn't have noticed right away, or would've ignored it. The thing is, even when I was trying it in the shop, the owner questioned me as to whether it was big enough. But I brushed it off because that particular bike was the only Silhouette in stock. It was only after my accident, and later rides on it where I noticed my knees actually touching the handlebar as I pedaled, that I began to have doubts. I compared it to the Univega, and found that the frame was quite a bit smaller. I finally noticed the big "17" on the back of the seat tube, which means the frame has a seat tube 17" long, with the rest of the frame proportionally sized. It's the smallest frame available for that bike, and is too small a frame for me. I need at least a 19, or even a 21. I tried fixing it by adding a longer seat post, and adding an adapter to raise the handlebar, but that didn't solve the main problem. The frame is just too damn small. There's no way I'll ever be comfortable riding it.

Meanwhile, the shop I bought it from went out of business. Figures. I only bought it from them because neither of the other bike shops I usually use carry Fuji bikes. There is another place out Hope Valley way that carries them, so I'll take a ride out there, with intensions of being a smarter consumer this time round. I also need to sell the widowmaker, which is the kind of thing I dread. Right now it's just sitting in my living room gathering dust. Feh.