July 7th, 2007



Well, ya got yer dead cat and ya got yer dead dog
On a moonlit night ya got yer dead toad frog...

"Dead Skunk" — Loudon Wainwright III

Did somewhere around 19 miles this morning in something like an hour and a half. I don't know exactly how far or how long because I managed to knock the bike computer out of it's interface when I stopped to wait for some traffic while trying to cross Ministerial Road. I didn't notice at the time because it was my big fat stomach that did the knocking out part as I slid forward off the saddle to put my foot on the ground. Apparently there is less leeway for this maneuver than on the old Univega. Also, the cheapo (albeit perfectly adequate) computer I got for this bike (well, for the Widowmaker, actually) doesn't fit quite as snugly into its interface as the one I use on the Univega. I still have that one thirteen years later. Anyway, the computer wound up smack in the middle of the road, and by the time it dawned on me that it wasn't where it was supposed to be (about a mile up the road) and I doubled back, it had been squashed flat. Bother.

(Speaking of squashed flat, I noticed the outline of a toad in my driveway directly behind the left front tire on my truck. I suspect it was once a three-dimensional toad that has since had multiple unfortunate encounters with the tire in question. Oops. It turns out there's been a lot of carnage in my driveway recently, as there was also an ex-sparrow off to one side (although at least it still has some depth). I plead innocence on that one. I suspect the cat that lives across the street with the Rottweiler. Still not as bad as the time I found the Canada goose out there pining for the fjords.)

Apart from losing $20 worth of electronics thanks to my girth, it was a pretty good ride. It was a perfect day for it, and I was able to maintain a much better pace than I'd done in years on the Univega. (At least that's what the computer said before I lost it.) The new bike flies. I was trying one last adjustment to the bar height to see if that would help comfortwise. It was a bit more comfortable while riding, but it seems my wrists were still bent back too far. When I finished the ride they were killing me. So instead of heading home, I headed off to Wyoming to talk to bikeshop!guy.

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