July 11th, 2007

Bike 02

Heat Wave...

Greetings from the land of 100% humidity! The first real heat wave of the summer finally seems to be ebbing. Truth be told, it wasn't really all that much of a wave in these parts, with only one really hot day, but since it had been a pretty mild summer so far I guess it seems much worse by comparison. After my adventure at the bike shop Saturday, I was out in the backyard trying to repel the most recent intrusions by the evil thicket with only a camp saw and a pair of loppers for weapons, and I didn't exactly melt. Sunday was the worst of it, and I spent most of the day parked in front of the Haier, with forays down to the basement (the painting of doors continues) and a three hour expedition in search of a new bike computer.

The shopping trip afforded me a chance to view the bane of shore community life up close and personal—beach traffic. Collapse )

It's still very humid today, but only in the seventies with a nice breeze. We're supposed to get some thunderstorms tonight, which should help.