July 31st, 2007


Into the Lion's Den...

The rains finally came, so I got a couple of days off from riding. It sort of cleared today, so I got in eighteen miles this evening. Had not much engerny early on. Still very humid, which seems to sap the life out of me. It was cooler, though. As I was riding the temperature started to approach the dew point, and a film of moisture started forming on my sunglasses and the mirror. Very odd.

Barry Bonds' quest to break Aaron's home run record (two to go) takes him to Los Angeles tonight, where I'm sure the crowd will be behind him all the way. Yep, they love ol' Barry and the Jints at Dodger Stadium. It has been pointed out that the final game of the series is "Russell Martin Bobblehead" night, and one can only imagine what could happen if Bonds does break the record on a night when everyone in the stands has something to throw onto the field. This could make "Disco Sucks Night" at old Comiskey Park look like a Girl Scout picnic. Nice piece of PR planning there, guys.

Although it occurs to me that maybe that's why the last time I was at a ball day at Shea, they gave us the balls on the way out...