August 29th, 2007

Bike 03

Picture Perfect...

...The weather, that is. August seems to be trying its best to make up for all the hot, hazy, and ridiculously humid we've had for most of the month. The last three days have been truly spectacular. This evening I just wanted to ride around in the truck with the window down because the temperature and humidity were so absolutely perfect for it.

Rode for the fifth night in a row, the first time I've done that since I started keeping track. Seventy-seven miles so far in the stretch. I'll try to extend that tomorrow, as the perfect weather is expected to continue.

All the exertion is starting to catch up to me. My legs were pretty stiff most of the day before I got on the bike. I've found that as long as I take it easy for the first mile or so, they loosen up pretty well. I did notice tonight that even though they loosened up fine, they didn't have a lot of oomph. I didn't push it.

Friday, I will rest up for the three day weekend. I want to make at least one road trip, maybe back up to Blackstone or over to East Bay. I've also been looking at paths in Mass, but their website isn't as well organized as RI's.

I need to figure out how to solidly mount a digital camera on the handlebar of the bike, and then rig a remote switch on the bar so I can take photos as I ride. It's the second part that I think will be more difficult. Neither of my digitals takes a cable release. The SLR must have something along those lines, though. Must peruse manual.