August 31st, 2007


Of Turnips and Trees...

So, I am one tired turnip today. Did eighteen miles last night, bringing the week's total to 95 miles. It was the sixth day in a row that I rode, and I think that should be quite sufficient. Tonight I will R&R. My legs were actually pretty good last night, and I was seriously considering going for one hundred miles, except that I ran out of daylight. Stupid earlier sunsets.

My arms and upper body are what are twinging at me now. The leg muscles are doing most of the work, but it's repetitive and constant work. The upper muscles deal with balance and all the sudden jolts that come with the ride, so there is far more opportunity for strainage. Nothing serious, just aches here and there. All hail naproxin!

The tree warden came by earlier this week to scope out the site for my new tree. The most likely spot for planting is next to where the ex-Bradford pear stood, which is okay. My preferred spot at the other corner of the yard turned out to be directly beneath my utility lines, so no go. He did mark off another spot not far from there, though, and said if he can budget it, he'll plant a second tree. Now that would really be neat.