September 27th, 2007



Managed to get in a ride tonight before the skies opened up. It helps that my back seems to be coming around. Not much discomfort at all while I was on the bike, and only a little after I stiffened up. All hail ibuprofen!

I haven't updated my reading list for awhile. I've been reading quite a bit. Just haven't been writing about it. Let's start with the non-fiction.

Just Play Ball — Joe Garagiola

Marcie: Babe Ruth had a cap. Willie Mays had a cap. Ted Williams had a cap. Maury Wills had a cap. Willie McCovey had a cap. Mickey Mantle had cap.
Peppermint Patty: Marcie will you shut up!
Marcie: Even Joe Garagiola had a cap.

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Fit or Fat — Covert Bailey

Bailey used to be a staple of PBS fund drives, at least until he started hawking exercise equipment in infomercials. His advice on fitness always seemed reasonable to me, so when I saw this on a remainders table years ago for $2.99, I picked it up. Finally got around to reading it. It's short, and most of it is anecdotes to drive home points. It turns out all you really need to read is the four-page summary of the program in the appendix. Worth a look.