October 14th, 2007

Bike 02


Went up to Blackstone for my ride today. The weather was similar to yesterday, sunny, but windy and chilly. I wore my new full-fingered bike gloves, so my fingers were toasty warm. Makes a big difference. Of course, the law of conservation of memory required that since I'd remembered to bring the gloves, I'd forget something else. Today it was the bike computer. D'oh!

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Finally got around to putting the lid back on the truck today. I took it off back in May to haul stuff. (I had plans to buy a shed kit, but once again I managed to overthink things to total inertia.) It was only supposed to be for the week, but not having the lid on made it easier to tote bicycles around, so I just left the soft tonneau cover on for the summer.

I gotta say that the NLCS has been enormously entertaining so far. The Rox just chased Livan Hernandez, but it was a tight game until the last two batters. I like TBS's coverage. Not crazy about Chip Caray, but the rest of the broadcast is so much better than the extravaganzas that Fox tries to make out their games. Makes for a nice change.