November 10th, 2007


Country Life...

There's a strip mall a few miles down Rt. 2 from me in Exeter. It was only built three or four years ago, one of the newish sort where there are clusters of buildings surrounding convoluted parking lots, all masquerading as some sort of town center. Exeter has no town center of its own, so perhaps the developers are hoping that this will step into the void. If so, it's an odd choice of location, because although Rt. 2 is a main road, it's also very much a country road at this point. Not many houses or even nearby developments. The Agway is just a mile further south, as is Allen's Seed.

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Bike 04

You Are There...

It's cold (low 40's) and windy out, but that's why you bought all that cold weather clothing. You have no excuse for not riding, so you layer up and head for the path. Halfway there you remember that the bike computer is still sitting on your desk, so you turn around and go get it. When you finally make it to Kingston station you find that every single space in the main parking lot is full. There's even a couple of pillocks parked in a marked fire lane, probably figuring that they're kidding about the towing thing. The fact that the cars are still there in the middle of the afternoon suggests that they've figured correctly. But wait, you see a couple of folks with a dog climbing into their minivan to leave. After some lengthy settling in, they finally do leave, and you're able to park the truck in the narrow space next to a Caddy whose owner seems to think that the lines on the pavement are to be used more guidelines than rules.

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