December 9th, 2007


Gray Day

Friday night's snow only accumulated to about a half inch, and by noon yesterday the sun had removed most of the offending stuff from the streets. I figured that meant the bike path would be mostly clear as well, and since it was sunny and above forty, I layered up for a ride. In fact, the snow had melted except for a couple of spots, but all the water was still there, making for a wet and gritty ride. Other than that the ride was uneventful except for the guy riding along on a very large unicycle. To each his own, I guess.

I would've liked to have hosed off the grit from the bike when I got home, but I shut down the exterior faucets for the winter a week or so ago. I figured it would keep until after I rode today, and then I could wash the bike down with a bucket of water. Except now it's cold and snow is threatening, so it doesn't look like a promising day for either riding or washing a bike. Bother.

I did a bit of long overdue home repair yesterday. The medicine cabinet in the bathroom has a three section mirror, each section backed with metal and hinged to act as a door, and each section has one of those pop-out magnetic catches to hold it in place when closed. When I first moved in, one of the catches was broken, and a second failed not long after. I tried getting replacements at the Depot, but the ones they had were only suitable for stereo cabinets and the like, ones that mount from the top or bottom, rather than from the front as they do on my cabinet. I did find some online for about a buck apiece, but the company had a minimum order of $25, and I didn't see anything else on their site worth ordering. So for the last seven years I've made do, either leaving the uncaught doors slightly ajar so I can open them with my fingertips or using the bottom end of a toothbrush to pry them open. (The problem has never been keeping the doors closed. The problem is getting them open again. The magnetic catch pops the doors forward so you can get a grip.)

Anyway, last weekend I decided to look online again, and this time I found them at a place with no minimum order. They're up to $1.50 each now, and shipping was $5, but that's still way better than $25. Ordered them last weekend, and they were waiting at my door when I got home Friday. Now the doors all work as they're supposed to. Of course now I have to get used to them working properly. I still find myself grabbing for the toothbrush.

Took some of the leftover roast chicken and made a pie out of it. ("I don't want to be a pie. I don't like gravy.") Discovered that the difference between Pillsbury pie crusts and Stop & Shop brand pie crusts is that Stop & Shop's crack when you unroll them. Pillsbury's cost more, but don't crack. Sigh. Also discovered (by, you know, actually reading the directions carefully) the the C.I. "Best Recipe" for chicken pot pie is actually designed to fill a 13" x 9" pan rather than a standard 9" pie plate, which sort of explains why I has so much filling left over last time I made one. I'm starting to have a problem with the whole "Best Recipe" conceit, too. Oh, it's okay, mind, but they don't even use a bottom crust. I mean, even cheap Banquet pies have bottom crusts. Plus they use thyme as their herb of choice in the filling, and if you don't especially like thyme, then the pie tastes a little off.

Today the rest of the chicken gets made into soup.