December 23rd, 2007

Warp Speed!

Sunday Morning...

Managed to sleep in this morning, i.e., 7 o'clock. Go me with the luxurating. Went to Dunkies again for breakfast, and then across the street to the supermarket to pick up a few things.

Truffle centers are all done, and I got the mint centers dipped last night. Dipping is the worst. I've got the double boiler firing up now to do the milk chocolate dips (milk chocolate, coconut, and orange centers). I also made a teensy batch of sugar-free chocolate centers for my mom. They seemed to come out pretty well. Those I rolled in cocoa powder.

I need to go into work later to use one of the color lasers to print out some photos. If I'd been on the ball I could've done it during the week. Of course, if I'd really been on the ball, I would have my Canon printer all set up and ready to go, but I haven't used that in a couple three years, and god knows what the ink situation is.

Gotta go check on the melting chocolate.

The Trouble with Truffles, Redux...

Done! The truffles are dipped and packed into eight tins, each containing about a pound of truffles. Yikes!

Dipping is still annoying. I am getting better at it. One thing that helped was adding a little shortening to the dipping mixture to thin it a little. To counteract that, the entire set of cheap plastic dipping tools that I bought last year broke. I wasn't exactly stressing them, either, which is what really made it annoying. I will especially miss the two-tined dipping fork that I'd finally managed to do some good work with before it broke. I also finally got the hang of drizzling accent coatings on the truffles (so's you can tell one type from another) on the last batch dipped. Sigh.

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I made one other candy concoction. When I was done with the milk chocolate dip, I dumped the remainder onto a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet, and spread it out with a silicone spatula. Then I poured some roughly crushed malted milk pieces (available at A.C. Moore) on top of it, lightly pressed it into the chocolate, and put it in the fridge to set. Then I cut it into pieces, and bagged 'em to add to the food baskets. Instant malted milk bark!

Now my kitchen looks like someone set off a bomb at the Wonka factory...