December 29th, 2007



So, I think I hyperextended my left knee while bowling the other night, probably on the first ball I bowled. I was awkward because it had been years since my last attempt, and the ball was too heavy, and the floor-shoe interface seemed especially slippery. Someone else mentioned that last. Anyway, my left leg slipped a little on the first ball. Didn't seem like a big deal at the time, and it didn't hurt at all, but yesterday the knee was stiff and hurt when I stood or walked for any length of time, and today it's worse. Bother.

I've been trying to do some projects, but the knee's bothering me too much. I did manage to replace the crappy, hard as a rock saddle on the stationary bike with a real bike saddle, but my knee hurts when I pedal. It's also 55° and sunny out, but I can't go for a ride because knee hurts. Feh.

Another project I started was putting up some adjustable shelf supports down in the basement. I actually started about a month ago, but I stopped because I didn't have the proper tool to drill the required holes in the concrete foundation walls down there. I tried using a masonary bit in my electric drill, but after several minutes of leaning into the thing as hard as I could, I'd only managed to drill a hole about 3/4" deep. The fittings to hold the screws need to be 1½" deep. Now, however, I have the right tool, because my brother loaned me his hammer drill (best tool name ever). Took me all of about thirty seconds to drill the three holes needed for the first support. But again, the knee started hurting. Stoopid knee. Still, progress!

Meanwhile, there's another post coming on what I've been doing instead of standing.

Elvish Has Left the Building...

So here I sit, since working on the computer doesn't aggravate my knee. Today this has mostly involved either playing various forms of solitaire, or trying to translate various and sundry words and phrases into Sindarin. Sindarin is frustrating the everliving crap out of me. First because Tolkein didn't actually create much of a vocabulary, and second because all the frelling vowels and consonants in the words he did create keep changing, apparently depending upon what day of the week it is. Or something. I had it easier in Fr. Rutkowski's Latin class.

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