February 1st, 2008

Computers 01


I've spent much of the week dealing with bizarre computer related problems at work, so I am in total sympathy with Bob Timmermann over at the Griddle when he describes the five stages of computer death.

I mean, why would performing security patches on a linux web server appliance cause it to set it's clock back from Thursday the 31st to Tuesday the 29th? Why would those patches bollix up the time clock, which shouldn't be talking to the email server at all? Why would upgrading the firmware of a wireless router cause it to block internet access over the air, but not over the cable? Why does the other wireless node not function at all? Why don't I just go find a nice tropical island with no computers within a thousand miles, and sit in the sun with a good book.

Bob also notes the incongruity of the Red Sox, of all teams, hosting a tribute to Jackie Robinson yesterday. It is nice that John Henry seems to be trying to atone for the sins of his predecessors.