April 8th, 2008


The Loneliest Crocus

The South Bed Still feel like crap, but the cold does seem to be losing the battle with the antibodies. One good thing about the timing is that the weather has been lousy since I got sick, so I haven't missed any potential riding time. Not until today, anyway. Today was very nice, and had I been healthy, I'd have been on the path pedaling. Still didn't feel up to it though, and the weather folk claim the next couple of days will be even nicer, so I decided to rest.

I did take a walk around the yard after work, though, just to see how the various bulb beds are doing. I have some very different microclimates in my yard. There are some pictures here, mostly of dirt with a few scraggly leaves sticking up. The shrubs and Bradford pear are likewise flowerless. OTOH, I did spot the first dandelion of the season. Stupid weeds.