April 10th, 2008

Warp Speed!

The Loneliest Crocus, Redux

I was back down to a single crocus bloom last night, the original loneliest crocus having already gone by. I expect big things tonight, though, as it it sunny and in the sixties and just gorgeous outside today. As god is my witness, I will ride my bike this evening.

My co-workers have been oohing and ahhing over a nest of baby foxes under one of the storage containers behind our building. Previous to this they had been doing the same over the chipmunk who lives in a hole in the concrete patio in front of the building. This will not end well.

First Swallowed Bug of the Season...

It was seventy when I got home! Nothing in the way of wind either. What a perfectly cromulent day! Off to the bike path I went. I did a bit over thirteen miles. It had been a couple of weeks, what with the crappy weather and the rhinovirus, so I was a bit tired after the first lap, but otherwise felt fine, so I headed out for another lap. Halfway up Tefft Hill the back of my left calf started to cramp up, something that I can't recall ever happening to me before in some 45+ years of riding. I occasionally get night cramps in my calves, but not for more than a year. I have been getting night cramps in my left lower leg (and only that leg), but in the muscle that runs along the outside of the leg.

So I turned around and headed back. I had about two miles back to the Kingston Station. It wasn't all that bad. I babied the leg some when it first happened, and then the pedaling motion eventually worked most of the crampiness out. Doesn't feel bad at all now.

I still have some vestiges of my cold, but not too bad. The only complication is that my allergies started to kick in today. No let up for my respiratory system.