April 20th, 2008

Bike 03

For Lo, I Am One with Pollen...

What a gorgeous weekend it turned out to be. (The weather critters had predicted mostly cloudy and in the 50s today. Nuh uh...)

I rode yesterday, and today I rode the Washington Secondary path. (As an aside, I don't get why it's called Washington Secondary. It's not in Washington County, nor are there are any towns or villages with that name in the state, much less along the path.) I dressed appropriately for both rides, so there were no temperature comfort issues. Yesterday it was in the seventies. Break out the t-shirts.

The good weather seems to have prompted an amazing amount of pollen production amongst the local flora. My nasal allergies seem to have ebbed somewhat over the years, but I could feel it today. What's really killing me now, though, are my eyes. Really itchy and watery. I had a Singulair this morning, but I needed to pop a chlortab when I got home from the ride. Feh.

I missed a good chunk of the good weather yesterday as I was at work rebuilding our mail server. I'd done most of the work Friday night, so the remaining stuff should've only taken about an hour, but things got messed up thanks to Firefox failing to realize that the server's web interface pages were not exactly the same as the pages it had in the cache, and me failing to realize that I was working with cached pages. Bozhe moi!

This morning I spent way too much quality time with my table saw. Collapse )

I have seedlings! In my biodome! Even some of the three year-old seeds sprouted. Now if I can just avoid killing 'em...