May 4th, 2008

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What crappy weather we have this weekend. Yesterday the sky looked all day as if it were about to burst any minute, but it turned out to be more the glower of a middle school punk than any actual misbehavior. Today, though, it's steadily raining. The grass loves it. It's going to be a bitch to mow when the sun arrives.

The biodome has been living outside full-time during these rainy days. Usually I take it in at night in case of frost, but that's not an issue with all the rain. I need to get some potting soil so I can transfer the plugs to larger pots. I also need to turn over the garden. I look with envy at the nifty little mini-tillers down at the Depot, but then I remember that the tomato patch is a whopping 12' x 4' and takes me all of 10 minutes to turn by hand with a spading fork. Sigh.

Took the Fuji out to the bike shop to have the new tires installed. They're Michelins. I put 1350 miles on the original set of Kendas, and about 140 since we noticed that the back tire was smooth as a billiard ball.

So, as I suspected, it looks like my router issues of last weekend weren't a hardware problem with the router, but rather a traffic issue on the network. I went all week with my main machine connected directly to the cable modem without any issues. Yesterday I finally got around to installing the wireless router I've had lying around here for yonks. Didn't take long to get it running, and everything seemed to work just fine, but then I realized that I needed to look at the configuration of the old router to grab some port forwarding settings. So I powered everything down, reinstalled to old router, and turned it all back on. It was all working, with no sign of the problems I'd been having. In checking the settings and such, I noticed that my IP address was different from the one I'd had for the last year or so. Somewhere along the process of me talking to tech support, and removing the old router for a week, etc., the IP address to the cable modem released and renewed to a different address, and whatever the mass of traffic that was slowing down the connection seems to have disappeared with it.

I'm still going with the wireless router, because, you know, wireless, and also because the router itself is newer and has more features. I should've done it years ago, even if just for the better features. Am I more likely to use my laptop at home now I've got wireless? I doubt it. For one thing, it's nine years old and very slow. OTOH, it was interesting to look at the wireless configuration wizard on the thing to see how many connections are available in my neighborhood.

It's Not Procrastination Unless You Eventually Do It...

Office 5/08 - Before The sun finally popped out about six or so, but it was too late to do anything outdoorsy. I spent the day down in the basement doing laundry and working on my latest project, a workbench for the office. Turns out it's almost three years to the day since I originally decided to do this. I am the master of procrastination. The office's current layout is shown to the right. The only substantive change from three years ago is the addition of an old, but serviceable bookcase to the corner next to the desk. For purposes of clarity, the drawing does not display the enormous amount of clutter in the supposedly open areas of the room, especially the rightmost third. Anyway, the bench will replace the crappy kitchen table in the upper right corner, and I'll follow it up with shelving on wall brackets above, so I can put everything that's currently on the table up on the shelves. I purchased the brackets at least a year ago.

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