June 8th, 2008


Hazy and Humid and Hot, Oh, My!

Wow, did summer ever roll in with a vengeance yesterday. It's as if the weather gods decided that since it's been a pretty coolish spring that there is quite a bit of making up for lost time needed. The electronic thermometer next to my side door says it's already 90° out, although some of that may be because it's getting direct sunlight. Weather.com says it's 82 (at 7:30 in the a.m.). Yikes!

I decided to do an early (10:30) ride yesterday, before it really got hot. Afterwards I headed over to the bike shop to have BSG take a look at the left pedal on the Fuji, which has been making horrible clicking sounds lately. It started out as an occasional noise, but lately it's been a constant companion as I pedal along. I thought something had broken, but it turns out it was just the result of the bearings settling in. Fortunately, there's am adjustment screw buried deep inside the pedal.

When I got home, I tried to ride out the heat for a little while, mostly by doing some chores down in the still blissfully cool basement. But when it became clear that the first floor had turned into an oven, and was likely to remain so for the next couple of days, I caved and hauled out the air conditioners. Got 'em installed and running, then mowed the lawn while they labored to knock the temperature back some. Which they did eventually. Ah...
Bike 03

Even Hotter

I spent much of the afternoon down in the cool of the basement again, so much so that I didn't notice the dark clouds moving in until I came upstairs to go for a bike ride. I went anyway, and since I assumed that it would be cut short by rain, I pushed pretty hard. The thunder came and the rain started pouring when I was still about half a mile from the end of the first lap so I got drenched, but better that than three miles out. It turned out to be my fastest time of the year, albeit for only seven miles.

I saw what I think was a baby fisher cat crossing the path on the White Horn Brook bridge. I've seen fishers before, and it was the right color, but way smaller than an adult. It was the size of a ferret. Took one look at me riding towards it and lit out for the brook.

This follows my accidental terrorization yesterday of a baby bunny that was hiding under an old, non-functional lawn mower in my backyard. I was mowing the lawn and moved the old mower out of the way to cut the grass near it, when the poor little guy darted out from under it and made a bee line for cover. Fortunately this incident worked out a lot better than some past encounters I've had with baby bunnies.

The pedal is still making clicking sounds, although not as many as it had. It was fine when I tested it at the bike shop yesterday, but once I started pedaling hard, the noise came back. Very annoying.