July 2nd, 2008


Phrases I Never Thought I'd Read for $400, Alex...

"Testicular squee"

(It was part of a discussion about the injury that landed Chris Snyder of the D'backs on the Disabled List.)

The cycling has been a bit spotty. Everyday weather.com predicts a chance of thundershowers, but there's been little actual rain, although there was a brief shower today. Never did ride Sunday, nor did I get to the airshow. Too frelling hot. Monday I started mowing the lawn, but five minutes in the mower threw a tantrum. The engine stopped dead, and nothing I did could coax it to go again. Just for giggles, I tried starting it Tuesday night, and it worked fine. So I did the lawn rather than take advantage of a perfect night for riding.

I did ride tonight. Rode down 2 to the path, with the wind blowing in my face all the way. Of course, by the time I did a lap of the bike path and headed for home, the wind had mostly died.

Speaking of mostly dead, one of my late muskmelon plants seems to have revived. It's awfully late in the game to expect any melons out of it, but it's nice to see it making a try. Now if we only had a wheelbarrow...