July 6th, 2008


The Land of Not Dealing

Some men drink to forget; I play games on the computer. Spent most of the weekend directing an armored battalion from Normandy to the suburbs of Paris in Steel Panthers. Didn't ride my bike at all, although the only day the weather actually allowed me a choice in the matter was today, and I couldn't be arsed. The weather people have been recycling the same damn forecast every damn day for the last couple of weeks — hazy and humid with a chance of showers.

I did get one thing accomplished. I finally got around to installing the ceiling fan I bought last October. I got it to replace a much older fan I'd installed in the back room. The old fan worked, but it buzzed loudly. The new one wasn't ideal. For one thing, it was all white. The old one was polished brass. Alas, the fittings weren't interchangeable. So I bought a can of bright gold spray paint and made the thing look like brass. Sort of. It's not as shiny as the polished brass (attempts to polish just removed the paint — I should've primed it, I suppose), but it looks way better than white on a white ceiling. Sadly, it is not whisper quiet. Or if it is, "whisper quiet" should not use as a reference the volume of a "whisper" uttered by rude people at a movie theatre. There's a hum. Not happy about that. Also, it makes me realize exactly how much smaller the back room is compared the the bedroom in my old apartment. That house had 9' ceilings, and the room was 14' x 12'. The back room is 11' x 10' with a 93" ceiling. The low ceiling is the main thing. I feel like Charlie and Grandfather at the top of the fizzy-lifting silo with the fan about to chop me into hamburger.

The other weird thing about this fan is that it has a custom sized socket for the light bulb. It's about half the diameter of a standard bulb socket, but bigger than a Christmas light socket. Another specialty bulb to keep track of. I'm guessing they don't make compact fluorescents in that size, either.

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