September 20th, 2008


Don't Know My Own Strength...

So, I took the bike in to have the wheel repaired. I explained to BikeShopGuy that I'd broken a spoke as he started examining the wheel. He found the loose spoke right away. Then he found
loose spoke. Except neither were actually broken. They were loose because it turns out I'd actually broken a piece of the frellin' hub off, to which piece the spokes were still attached. Yup, turns out I put enough stress on the system to break off a 3/16" thick piece of cast aluminum. BSG was stunned. He said he'd never seen a Fuji hub break like that before. Give me a big enough pulley, and I'll lift the world. Now I'm trying to remember if I had a recent encounter with a radioactive spider. Or maybe a homebrew.

The good news is that it looks like I managed
to ruin the rim, so BSG can rebuild the wheel with a new hub, rather than me having to buy a whole new wheel. For the time being he mounted my gear set on his "emergency" wheel, one he said has been used on more than a hundred bikes, so I can use the bike in the interim. I just had to promise that I wouldn't exert excessive force on it.