November 24th, 2008

Warp Speed!

Some Tweaking

So, after doing some further equipping at Wal-Mart, today I tried it with another thermal instead of the t-shirt, and with a pair of wickable ankle socks under the other two pair. I also picked up a bright orange baseball cap to wear so any hunters in the vicinity won't mistake my oh, so graceful form for a fat black deer riding a bicycle. It all worked pretty well. I stayed mostly warm, or at least I wasn't intolerably cold, and I didn't get shot. Of course it was ten degrees warmer out (although cloudy), but it's still progress.

I also picked up some disposable toe heaters, but I didn't try them. My toes were warm enough through most of the ride. The main problem now is that it's hard to stuff three pair of socks into my sneakers, even in my usually too large size 13 Cons. It compresses the toes. Sigh.

My hands weren't terribly cold with just the single pair of riding gloves today, but for the last lap I experimented by pulling on a pair of regular winter gloves over them. It was certainly warmer, but it sacrifices a lot of finger flexibility. Only for really cold days, then.

I was kind of surprised at how little energy I had on the ride until I remembered that I'd spent most of the morning getting a physical and having blood work done. My left arm is very sore both from the blood draw (four frelling tubes) and also thanks to the pneumonia booster my doctor gave me. He promised that I'll never need another booster. Yeah, sure. There's always another.