March 15th, 2009

Bike 03


Despite the onset of daylight savings and generally sunny weather, it was still a little too cold to ride during the week. But the temperature managed to climb all the way to 50° yesterday, so I bundled up and headed out for the path. It was still pretty cold, and the temperature dropped about five degrees over the course of the ride. The one benefit to this was that there were far fewer people out there with me than last week.

The first lap was fine, and I felt strong, but as I went up the Tefft Hill grade the second time, I noticed that I was having a harder and harder time maintaining speed. I chalked it up to the legs running out of gas, but then as I approached my turn-around point, I realized the ride was getting rougher, too. Looked down at the rear tire, and sure enough, it was way more squashed than it ought to be. Of course, just as with the last time I got a flat, I was a far from the Machinamobile as I could be. The good news was that after the last time, I put a little hand pump in the bike's handlebar bag. A few pumps (okay, more than a few) and the tire was less soft that it had been. I turned around, and rode gingerly back to Kingston Station.

The first chore for this morning will be fixing or replacing the tube. It's supposed to be a few degrees warmer today, although its awfully cloudy right now.