April 21st, 2009


Gated Communities

I have no current plans to move to Dreamwidth. I bought a permanent account here a few years ago, so there's really no incentive to leave. I don't get ads, and the assorted fannish dramas with LJ over the years have little impact on mostly non-fannish self. Besides, the name and logo just seem incredibly precious.

Today I started seeing posts popping up on my friends list that were crossposted Dreamwidth posts, each with a little note on the bottom saying that if I want to comment please do it over at Dreamwidth using OpenID. The "please' turns out to be meaningless because comments are disabled on the LJ posts. So, I tried to comment on one over there. It looks like you can't do it unless you're already a member. The reply box has an option for OpenID, but it's disabled. Thought it might be a browser issue, but nope, it's the same in both IE and Firefox. Can't reply unless you're a member. Honestly, life's too short.

So I guess that's adios. I wish y'all well.