June 8th, 2009


They’re Going to Have to Tear the Uniform off My Back

Terrific piece by Joe Poznanski today on great athletes retiring, voluntarily or otherwise.

Does it really matter? Maybe we make too much of endings. I suppose it’s because we are conditioned to wanting our movies and television shows and novels and songs to end in a satisfying way. We want the giant “GOODBYE” spelled out in rocks as the helicopter pulls away, like the final episode of M*A*S*H.* We want Suzanne Pleshette to be under the covers at the end of Newhart. We want Bruce Willis to be … um … and we want Keyzer Soze to be … and we want Snape to be … well, wait, you might not have finished those.

"I think you overestimate our dear Viennese, my friend," Salieri said to Mozart in the movie. "Do you know you didn’t even give them a good bang at the end of songs so they knew when to clap?"

But sports are not like the movies or television or books or songs. The best stuff in sports generally happens in the middle, after an athlete has learned the game but before skills have faded and frayed.

Poz may be the best baseball writer on the planet right now.

Big Finish