August 23rd, 2009

Bike 03

Worst. Role Model. Ever...

It is marginally less humid today than it was yesterday. By marginally I mean that the buckets of sweat didn't start falling off the brim of my hat into my face until I was three quarters of the way through my ride, as opposed to halfway through like yesterday. Got so bad that I turned the cap around, catcher's style.

As I approached an intersection of the path with a very sparsely traveled side road, there was a mom walking alongside her 4-ish year-old daughter who was riding a bicycle with training wheels. They were stopped at the intersection, and mom was telling daughter to stop and look both ways before crossing, etc., etc. Meanwhile, I did what any other bicycling adult not overseeing a child at that moment would do. I slowed down just enough to make sure there actually was no traffic coming, and cruised on through the stop sign. Then from behind me I heard, with the absolute indignation that only a 4 year-old can muster, "He didn't stop!"

Heh. Another good reason why it's probably best I was never a parent.

Meanwhile, I tried maneuvering the bike back into the truck left-handed, to protect my ailing back muscles. It was awkward, but I got it in there, although the bike settled in with a pretty loud thud.