September 15th, 2009



It's been a busy couple three weekends project-wise. Having finally managed to get the mouldings stained and the face frame pieces cut for the nerd hole bench, I haven't done much else on it. I got sidetracked by another nerd hole project, a flight simulator friendly desk for the super-duper gaming computer that I bought six months ago but have barely used since. That's really turned into a saga worthy of its own post once it's finished, so more at a later date. But there have also been some smaller things, especially this last weekend.

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I planted a tree last night, a little 7' tall crabapple I picked up at Lowe's. It's in the front yard in a such position to eventually block the direct rays of the setting summer sun from blinding me whilst I sit at this here computer. I may name it Edna, after Edna Krabappel. My grandmother was also named Edna, so there's that, too.