August 14th, 2010

Bike 05


Break a spoke halfway through this morning's ride. That's never a good thing, but at least there were a few mitigating factors. First, halfway through the ride means I was at Kingston Station just starting my second lap, and therefore only had to walk the bike 100 ft or so back to the where the truck was parked. Second, even though I didn't realize I had broken a spoke (no poink or other snapping noise that I noticed), I was quick to notice that something was wrong with the wheel (the bike all of a sudden started bouncing on perfectly smooth pavement), and therefore didn't allow it to get too far out of true. And third, it's Saturday, so I was able to immediately head over to the bike shop to get it looked at. I was also very gratified that this time it was the spoke that snapped when it was stressed, and not the hub.

Anyway, it took BSG all of about 15 minutes to replace the spoke and true up the wheel, which is about 14 months less time than it took to fix the wheel when I snapped off the chunk of cast aluminum hub. I now have one silver spoke amongst the forest of black ones. BSG said he's going to lay in a stock of black spokes for me in case that spoke wasn't the only one that was stressed. (I went off a curb the other night. Deliberately and slowly, but that could've been the stressor. That or some unremembered pothole strike.)