December 28th, 2011

Writing 01

The First Lines Meme

The annual ritual...

January I spent New Year's Eve with friends, playing Apples to Apples and singing along (badly) while the kids played "We Got the Beat" in Rock Band.

February Last weekend I joined my friend Tom Z on his annual pilgrimage to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. I'd never been before, despite it being no more than 15 miles from my brothers' farm. Tom goes every year for a F2F with his online fantasy baseball buddies. Now I know how civilians feel at gatherings.

March World Crossing is apparently closing its doors, or rather having its doors closed on it.

April ...because the dreams can get a little weirder than usual. All I can say is that it is comforting to know that Lea Michele won't be playing Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in real life.

May Mother Nature finally remembered to flip the switch on her the heating system last Sunday.

June I suppose I ought to post something, if for no other reason than if I don't, it'll really screw up my first lines of each month meme in December.

July Today is the 4th of July, which means it was time for the 11th annual Casa Machina shrub trimming extravaganza.

August I had the best ride yesterday.

September So, that NASA satellite that nobody can find? Didn't land on my house, so that's good.

October Previously on LiveJournal, our hero managed to dump a glass of milk into his wireless keyboard.

November Almost all the snow was gone by last night, so Halloween arrived on time.

December I have been in the grasp of the Worst Cold Ever(™) for a week now.

I noted last year that I hadn't written much. If anything, I wrote even less this year. And once again I didn't write much about the books I read, although I read quite a few. So it goes.

A lot of it is that the process of writing just seems to get harder every year. I have lots of ideas for posts, but when I actually sit down in front of the computer, I can't face the effort of converting those thoughts to into something coherent. If I were to make a resolution for the new year, writing more might be it.