September 12th, 2012


Yard Work

Wow, after weeks of mostly hot and stiflingly humid, the weather has been wonderful this week, sunny, clear, and right around seventy. I took advantage Monday to plant some azaleas to replace the enormous junipers I'd removed from the front of the house back in July. Not only should they provide more color than just dull green, but I planted then much further out from the house so they won't rub right up against the wall. They are currently dwarfed by the rhododendrons, but they'll catch up, and I don't want them to get that big anyway. A firm hand with the trimmer should take care of that. Next year the arbor vitae go.

As I suspected, the vegetable garden has called it quits, even before the past couple of nights that were down in the forties, though sans frost. My neighbor's tomatoes and peppers all died of verticillium wilt, and now I'm wondering if that could be at work here, too. The tomato and cucumber plants still look reasonably healthy, but I suppose it could explain what happened to my cantaloupe plants.