September 27th, 2012


Once More into the Breach

Volleyball again tonight and I don't seem to be nearly as sore as last week. Mind you, I'm still pretty sore, but there seems to be some progress convincing the ol' muscles to be a little more pliable. It helped that the team I was on consisted of just one old man (me)and five twenty-something athletes with lots of energy. Makes things a lot easier. I was also playing better than last week, so all in all a good night. OTOH, despite losing some sixty pounds since my last stint of playing, I still can't jump worth a damn. Sigh. We'll see how stiff I am in the morning.

Got home in time to watch Elementary expecting to dislike it, but I didn't. I'm not sure having Watson become more of an investigator is a good idea, but it beats Nigel Bruce. I will keep watching for now.

Have gotten hooked big time on Longmire which I had never even heard of until it popped up in an IMDb "People who liked this also liked..." box. Good cast (Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Initiative Graham from Buffy, and one of the bad guys from The Matrix as the title character). They even had Peter Weller as a guest star.