October 2nd, 2012


Valve Job

My mother is undergoing open-heart surgery this morning, so if you could point any spare health-ma you might have lying around her way, I'd appreciate it.

She's had a murmur in her heart her entire life, which apparently was due to a bad valve. About a week and a half ago she had to go to the ER with severe shortness of breath. They did a catheterization to check on things, and decided that the valve needs replacement. Then they sent her home for a couple of days to give her time to fret about it all. She just wants it to be over.
Snoopy Dance

So Far, So Good

My dad just called. Mom is out of surgery and in the cardiac ICU. The prognosis is good, but she be in one ICU or the other for a couple three days. Will visit this weekend when things are stable.