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It has been a very nice week so far, weatherwise, one of those weeks you get occasionally in late January or early February where the sun shines bright, and temperatures stay well above freezing. It's the kind of weather that makes you feel like spring is just around the corner. I've even had the window in my office cracked open. That said, there are still some reminders around that it's winter, mostly the long streaks of snow striping the landscape where the drifts built up during the blizzard, but they have been narrowing.

Sadly, I am reliably informed that spring is still quite a ways off, as a winter storm is bearing down on New England. The weather people say that my neck of the woods is going to get rain for the most part, with only a little snow, but it will still be cold and raw.

The sneakers I ordered Saturday arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong width, so I have to send them back. I could have completely avoided this if I had actually bothered to take thirty seconds to look at the little size tag on my old pair, rather than make an assumption about what width Bob's Store considers to be "wide." Sometimes I am such a dolt.

The heating system continues to not leak, so go me.
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