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Highs and Lowe...

Heh, Derek Lowe got himself kicked out of the Red Sox training center in Fort Myers:

Pitcher Derek Lowe severed any vestige of a connection with the Boston Red Sox this week when comments he made to a reporter prompted team officials to ask him to leave the spring training complex in Fort Myers, Fla., where he had been working out...

...The team made no effort to re-sign him, however, and he suggested to Boston Herald columnist Howard Bryant that the Red Sox mounted a smear campaign against him by circulating stories about his drinking and late-night activities. The day the comments were published, Red Sox trainer Chris Correnti informed Lowe he had to vacate the premises.

Lowe, who lives in Fort Myers and had permission to work out at the facility, told the Herald that he believed the team's action was a result of his comments. He is scheduled to report to Dodger camp at Vero Beach on Friday.

The full story is in the LA Times (registration required).

In other Lowe news, there is an amazingly optimistic prediction of Lowe's possible future as a Dodger here. I think he'll probably do better than last season, but I think this writer needs a bit of a reality check.
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