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Snow. Again.

Mama Nature dumped another several inches of snow on us last night. Hard to tell exactly how much, because it's fluffy, drifty, and sitting on top of whatever was left from the previous storm. All I know is that there's lots of it. At least it's fluffy, so the shoveling was very easy.

The roads were in pretty good shape. The sun is bright, and the snow is melting away on the blacktop. Well except for one sideroad I take, the one on which I got stuck behind someone doing 10 mph. The road had maybe an inch of snow on it. I eventually wound up passing the ninny, rocketing by her at 25 mph.

Still, my office is sunny and warm, I have my Earl Grey, and someone brought in donuts.

So let's talk comics. I was in Newbury's last night, and grabbed pretty much an entire month's worth of books. Virtually every book I read came out either last week or this week.

Legion of Super Heroes #3 - I just don't buy the premise of the new continuity, that the adults everywhere are keeping the poor "underagers" down, and it's the Legion's job to help oppressed underagers everywhere. Please. On one hand, they're facing exactly the same kinds of foes they did in all the other continuities. On the other, their support of oppressed underagers seems to consist solely of behaving like spoiled rich brats who revel in getting away with stuff because they're so special.

The writers have started detailing how the new continuity is different from the old by reimagining the origins of the individual members of the group, and trying to show how clever they can be in the process. So far we've discovered that Colossal Boy is no longer a human who has the power to grow, but a member of a race of giants whose power is that he can shrink down to 6' tall. On his world, he's called Micro Lad. That is clever, perhaps a bit too much so. In this issue it's Triplicate Girl who gets the makeover. In every other continuity, her power comes from the fact that she comes from a world where the original settlers were genetically altered such that they could all do what she did, i.e., split into three identical bodies. In the new continuity, she's the amnesiac sole survivor of a planetary disaster who discovers that she has the ability to split into millions of identical bodies (and to recombine later so all can share experiences and knowledge). She uses the ability to repopulate and, since she can learn things as quickly as the sum total of all her millions of bodies can (neat trick, that), rebuild her world (Cargg). The world gets contacted by the Legion, and three of the bodies go off to save oppressed underagers everywhere (even though there's no such thing on Cargg, since everyone is exactly the same person). This kind of backfires on her, because when they get back to Cargg, the rest of the population will no longer allow them to meld with them, partially due to biochemical changes that occurred to the three bodies while off-world, and partially because apparently they've become icky. The three are now outsiders, but at least they have each other to recombine with. There are also other benefits, such as being able to go on dates with Element Lad, Sun Boy, and Ultra Boy at the same time.

It almost makes one wish they had just thrown out all the old characters, and started a totally new book. Then I wouldn't be sitting here sadly looking at the characters as though they had been brain-wiped. There was one piece of old continuity that did seem to make it through into the new. Cosmic Boy mentions at one point that he, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girls were the founding members. That's fine, although I wonder how much that story will be changed.

Meanwhile, all sorts of wheels within wheels seem to be going on behind the scenes as Cosmic Boy and Brainiac 5 vie for control of the Legion, and I find myself paralyzed by not caring. It's a shame. The dialogue and art are so much better than they were for most of the previous incarnation of the book, that it feels like it's being totally wasted.

Astonishing X-Men #8 - I've given up on the arc, and am really reading mostly for Whedon's dialog and for the individual scenes, which are all great. I especially liked Logan giving Scott props after Cyclops stopped the Sentinel. I have to admit that having the Danger Room become sentient and try to kill everybody is a classic Marvel plot (even if the classic Marvel plot was totally ripped off from the Legion's Computo), but I just rolled my eyes at that point. Just give me the witty action.

Powers #9 - Very much my favorite book right now. My one quibble is that since Bendis is making up his heroes and villains as he goes along, the reader tends to have far less knowledge about these folks than Walker and Pilgrim do, as opposed to Gotham Central, where if the Joker shows up, you already have a working knowledge of what that means. When the Joke shows up dead in Powers, you aren't quite sure what it means. It leads to much exposition. Fortunately, Bendis and Oeming are pretty good at not hitting you over the head with it. The current storyline is about a former hero who essentially sold the source of his powers on eBay, and whats happens in the aftermath. If you aren't already, y'all should be reading this book.

Ex Machina #8 - The hero of Ex Machina has one of the neatest powers going, the ability to control devices with his voice. He's also the mayor of New York City. My problem with the series so far is that it has primarily been about his being Hizzonner, rather than him using his powers. The stories are certainly topical, but they have been stories about political situations requiring political solutions. There are signs that an arc is brewing, but it's been brewing now for eight issues. When are they going to get to the fireworks factory?</Milhouse>

Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 - Amazing final panel of Hal, all come back from the dead with his ring back where it belongs, facing down Sinestro. The series has been great so far. I especially liked Ollie trying to use Hal's ring, and being amazed at how difficult it actually was to generate the will necessary. The only downside is there is so much to try to keep track of, what with all the massive retconning going on, that one almost has to reread the whole series immediately prior to starting a new issue.

I need a comic hero icon of some sort. I'll have to go through my files.
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