Wednesday, March 2nd, 2005
9:37 am - Second Verse, Same as the First...  
It snowed again last night. Two inches or so. Just enough so that I had to pull out the shovel again. Feh. I will admit that the constant dust of clean snow is keeping the landscape pretty, but c'mon now. Enough is enough.

The good news is that the Dodgers open their Grapefruit League schedule today against the Marlins. Scott Erickson is starting for LA. Erickson was a Cy Young winner with the Twins in 1991 when he was 23, but unfortunately never approached that level again. The best you can say is that he was a serviceable pitcher for a number of years. He's in camp on a minor league contract, hoping that Jim Colbrun and the rest of the pitching gurus can pull his career off the scrapheap, as they did with Alvarez and Lima. It's the longest of longshots. His best pitch is his sinker, so if it's effective and he pitches well enough to make the team, he could do well throwing in Dodger Stadium. You have to root for the guy.
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Herewardhereward on March 2nd, 2005 - 07:19 am
There's a blast from the past. Does he still wear the black shoes? He was on my APBA baseball team back at his peak, but after his injuries, he never bounced back. It would be something if he could make the roster, but I can't see him making a major contribution at this stage.
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