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I had the best pork chop tonight, brined and stuffed a la Alton Brown, and grilled in my George Foreman grill. I feel so modern. Of course, it was really too thick for my teeny GF grill, so I had to finish it in the oven, but it was juicy and delicious. Although next time I think I'll either cut the amount of salt in the brine, or not leave the meat in it as long.

Finished reading another Nero Wolfe book, Gambit, about sinister goings on at a chess club. It was short and fun. Now I need to pick something that isn't a reread.

The Dodgers dropped one to the Mets today, 5-4, their third straight loss. Most of the damage was done on a three-run homer given up by someone named Harold Eckert, who will no doubt be throwing with the minor leaguers tomorrow.

I got to watch yesterday's game against the Braves on MLB.TV, a simulcast of the ESPN game. Derek Lowe started, and threw three scoreless innings, allowing only one hit. Nice outing for the new kid. The Dodgers as a team pitched well, but still lost, 3-2. None of the runs were earned. They were done in by four errors, all by guys who won't be going to LA with the team, so I'm not nearly as worried as the ESPN announcers were. Guys, sure Brian Myrow made two errors in the bottom of the ninth. He's not even on the forty man roster. Chill.

The best part of the game was an in-game interview with Leo Mazzone, the Brave's hyperactive pitching coach, who is a very funny man. I hadn't heard him before. He's a hoot. On the other hand, Sam Ryan's interviews with Derek Lowe and Raphael Furcal were just awful. Lowe had just pitched three scoreless innings, but all the questions were about the Sox. Sam! He's wearing a different uniform now. Meanwhile, the Furcal piece was true watch from the hall stuff, with her wondering about what he'd learned from his DWI jail time.
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