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Waiting for More Snow...

It's been raining constantly since sometime last night. It's not been an especially heavy rain, and it's not even all that warm out (mid-forties), but it's been enough to clear most of the accumulated snow. Oh, the power of thermodynamics. Heat transfer is a wonderful thing. The downside to all this is that the ground is still frozen, so the water is pooling on the surface. A cold front is on the way, bringing heavy snow and temperatures in the teens, so all that water is going to freeze and then get covered with snow. Should be loads of fun.

Our new Mac G5 keeps giving me agita. Today I discovered that the current iteration of OS X seems to have changed the way it handles font names, which may mean we'll have to go through all of our catalog files to rename the fonts so they match what OS X is calling them. I didn't have this problem with our old OS X system. I've tried Googling, but have come up empty. I'm sure it's something simple and stupid, but I'm damned if I can find it. (Which reminds me that earlier today I wasted a bunch of time searching through Outlook's menus trying to do something that was simple and stupid. It was simple, just incredibly well hidden.) I hate modern technology...

I caved and bought the MLB audio package, which means I'm listening to the Dodgers-Marlins game as I type this. I love modern technology...

Watched the Yankees-Sox last night, a game for which some insano Sox fans paid $500 a pop for tickets, just so they could be on hand to pile abuse upon the Yanks. Not that it seemed to bother the Bombers very much, as they pounded out a bunch of hits off Sox' minor league pitching to win 9-2. Jason Giambi received special attention from the Sox faithful, with chants of "steroids" raining down upon him from the stands. Giambi responded to the jeers by hitting a home run to the deepest part of the ball park in the fifth.

There was a funny moment in the broadcast late in the game when Don Orsillo and Jerry Remy started arguing about who exactly was playing center field for the Yankees. He was wearing #72, which Orsillo's program told him should be an infielder named Robinson Cano. Remy kept insisting it was someone named Cabrera, because that was the information he'd gotten from the Yankees. I was siding with Remy, because I could see that the guy wearing #72 couldn't possibly be an infielder. He was left-handed, something neither Remy nor Orsillo noticed, despite the fact that I was yelling it at the screen. It turned out that Remy was right.

Derek Lowe just threw four scoreless innings, so go new kid. OTOH, Ishii came in, and the Dodgers just gave up 3 runs on no hits, 3 errors, and a wild pitch. Joy.

And in what is possibly the weirdest story of the spring so far, ten minor leaguers from the Dominican have been banned from obtaining visas because they participated in a bizarre scheme to obtain fraudlent visas, and more are being investigated. From the story:
The scheme involved players being paid $5,000-$7,000 to get married, with the new wife receiving a visa. The newlyweds do not know each other and divorce soon after arriving on U.S. soil.

The woman would be left with a visa -- possibly to be sold again on the black market -- while the player was supposed to just go on with his life.

What a way to throw away a career.
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