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Steve Jobs Can Bite Me...

That is to say, I figured out the problem I was having with the G5. Some of the font suitcases, which on the Mac are the files that contain the screen fonts that correspond with your printer fonts, were refusing to transfer to the new computer. It's the suitcases that the applications access for their fonts, and then Postscript matches those up with the printer fonts. For whatever reason, certain suitcases refused to be transferred from the iBook over the network to the G5.

Not that there was ever any error message to this effect. When I first noticed that the suitcases weren't installed, I assumed I'd somehow missed them when I was transferring stuff. Then I tried again, and nothing happened. Finally, I tried just copying one of them to the G5's desktop. The file showed up on the desktop for a second, then vanished. WTF? At the very least, Windows pops up a useless message when something like that happens.

I checked to make sure the file wasn't in use on the laptop, and I restarted both computers. Still no dice. I finally wound up burning the missing suitcases on a cd, and transferring them that way. That worked.

I hate computers.
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