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Really Sick of Being Sick

Still sick. Spent most of last night hacking up my lungs, so much so that I'm surprised they're still inside my body. Not even a worthwhile cough. There is no fluid or phlegm. Just irritation. It gets worse at night and way worse when I lie down, so tonight I may just try sleeping standing up. Tried Nyquil first to no effect, then pulled out the old bottle of codeine syrup I had stashed away. No joy. Finally gave up trying to sleep around 5 am, got up, and showered for work.

Managed to keep the cough somewhat under control at work by continuous use of Mentholyptus lozenges. I still have a mild headache/achey almost a fever feeling. Damn I hate this. Had to skip volleyball tonight, and will probably have to skip Victor's tomorrow, unless something miraculous happens tonight. Coincidentally, I'm supposed to have my annual checkup tomorrow, so at least I'll have some symptoms to show Doc K for a change.

Had a conversation with my brother over the weekend about the asswipe who was headmaster of the Prep when we attended, and finally found out what exactly he was arrested for. At times like this, I wish I had JZ's talent for invective, but I don't, so I won't even try to describe my feeling about this piece of shit. I never liked or respected him when I was in high school, but that's just because I thought he was an asshole. Now I just really hope there is a God, so that he gets to face him.

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