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Drove out to Tom's yesterday for our annual March Madness soirée. It was a great time, as usual, with much conversation about baseball and sundry other subjects, ribs from Little Mark's, and entertaining, exciting basketball games.

Every year Tom and I do a bracket competition, although not with the usual office pool type scoring. Instead we make our predictions one round at a time. You get 2 pts. for each correctly picked first round game, 3 pts for each second round game, and so on, plus if the underdog wins, you add the difference in seeding to the total. Thus Bucknell's (a 14 seed) defeat of Kansas (a 3 seed) Friday would've been worth 13 points (2 for the round and 11 for the seeding difference) if either of us had been silly enough to pick Bucknell. Tom has kicked my ass the last couple of years, but I had a very good day Thursday, primarily due to Alabama-Birmingham knocking off Louisianna State, and entered the day up three.

Game notes:

Texas Tech(6) over Gonzaga(3): Favored Gonzaga were up by 13 early in the second half, but Tech kept chipping away, and it became a back and forth game midway through the half, with Tech just barely managing to hold on at the end. Both Tom and I had the Zags, so no points for us.

Utah(6) over Oklahoma(3): It seemed like everytime Utah needed a rebound in this game, they got one. I was sure they had outrebounded the Sooners by a lot, but it was only 35-31. Still, it was enough. Utah took control in the first half, and never looked back. Six points for me!

Wisconsin-Milwaukee(12) over Boston College(4): BC scored the first eleven points of this game, but UMW came roaring back with a hell-bent for leather style of play that BC out of their game. The Eagles did manage hang until late in the game, but completely fell apart in the final minute. It was the last game BC will play as a member of the Big East, since they're joining the ACC next year. No points for either of us.

Kentucky(2) over Cincinnati(7): This was a very good back and forth game until the last couple of minutes, when Cincinnati completely lost their discipline on offense, throwing up a bunch of incredibly inadvisable shots. We both had Kentucky, so +3 each.

West Virginia(7) over Wake Forest(2): What a game! WV was dead in the water in the first half, so far back that the network feed we were getting was switched to KY-Cincy. Then as Cincy faltered, we were switched back, because WV had come storming back to take the lead. It was all Wake could do to force a tie to take it to overtime. West Virginia had a golden opportunity to win the game in OT when they made a perfect backdoor play that would've scored the game winner with a second left, but Wake made a their own tremendous play to block the shot. Double OT! It became a game of attrition, as three players on each side fouled out. This was a larger problem for Wake as they lost their team leader early in the period, and never recovered. West Virginia finally managed to hold on against everything Wake threw at them to win it 111-105. I had West Virginia, +8 for me.

We also got to see dribs and drabs of the other three games as CBS switched back and forth, and I picked up 3 pts. on Washington-Pacific. By the end of last night I was up twenty. It's a shame we didn't actually bet anything.

The only bad thing that happened on the day was that I lost a tail light on my truck on the way out, but I was able to pick up a new one this morning at Wal-Mart. It took less than 15 minutes to swap in the new bulb, so woot!
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