DXMachina (dxmachina) wrote,

Friday Five, from hossgal, by way of serenada

1) Are you wearing a wristwatch? If not, why? If so, is it digital or analog (big hands, little hands and all that.)
Yes, an analog watch I bought when Lechmere had their going out of business sale. I hate straight digital watches, but when I coached soccer, I always wore a dual analog/digital watch because they all have digital stopwatches.

2) Do you keep your clocks on time or set them fast? If you set them ahead, by how much?
All my clocks are on time, except for my alarm clock, which is about eighteen minutes fast. It's a silly thing. Getting up at seven just sounds better than getting up at 6:42 or so.

3) Do you now or have you ever lived someplace where there were church bells within earshot or a grandfather/cuckoo clock in the house? Or a factory that blew a whistle?
Deb and I had a cuckoo clock, and a wind-up regulator clock that chimed on the hour. She kept them both. I miss the regulator clock. Also, growing up, the firehouse down the block blew a whistle every day at noon, and the main firehouse in Morristown blew one at 5 pm. When I was in grad school, living at Attu Acres, there was another, much less precise way of tracking time. That was that every morning, just after eight, you'd hear a dull boom, which I later learned was the remnants of the Concorde's sonic boom as it approached the US. I probably noticed it then, because it always came about the time I was heading out in the morning.

4) Are you a morning or evening person, and if so, is there something that you will NOT do in your 'off time' (because you're afraid you'll mess it up?)
I much prefer working during daylight hours than after dark. I almost never do household cleaning chores once the sun sets, which means they rarely get done during standard time season.

5) Have you ever been someplace where you did not have access to a timepiece? How long, and how was it, learning to cope without?
The couple of times I've forgotten to wear a watch to work it drove me crazy, even though there's a perfectly good clock on the computer.

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