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There's a nice piece on Vin Scully by Eric Neel over at Baseball Analysts which focuses on Scully's call of the bottom of the ninth of Koufax's perfect game. The actual call is here, and the end of it contains a bit of commentary on the call by Vin. It's very neat. One thing to remember is that the call of the ninth inning is all that survives. The game was only carried on radio, and in those days radio stations weren't in the habit of taping the games. They'd only spring for tape if the game was significant in some way, such as a potential perfect game. Thus you have Scully mentioning the date (September 9, 1965), and even the time, because he figured the only person who'd ever be interested in hearing it at a later date was Koufax himself. The other thing about it being on the radio is the amount of description Scully adds to the call, such as Koufax running his hands through his hair, or one of the batters fiddling with his bat. Few radio announcers do much of that anymore. It's hard to distinguish a lot of radio calls from TV calls these days.

I'm much more familiar with this game than I used to be, thanks to it being the centerpiece in Jane Leavy's biography of Koufax (which I posted about here and here back when I was reading it). Listening to the call last light, I realized that one of the batters Koufax faced in the last inning was Joe Amalfitano, who was the Dodgers' third base coach for many years. He was coaching third during another of Scully's memorable calls, that of Kirk Gibson's homer in the '88 Series.

Scott Erickson had another good outing today, giving up an unearned run in 5 innings to the Cardinals. The pitching is still looking good. The hitting I still worry about.
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