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It was very bright and sunny out today. The temperatures never got out of the forties, but it was sunny enough to open the front door to allow the sunshine to stream in through the storm door. There is still some snow on the ground, but I'm beginning to think we may finally be rid of it soon. Next weekend daylight savings starts.

The sunshine helped energize me, even though I was inside cleaning most of the day. I actually got stuff accomplished. I did a couple of loads of laundry later on, and finished the day by doing my taxes. I used TurboTax online to e-file my federal taxes (for free!), and then plugged the numbers into my state return, which I will mail tomorrow. I could've e-filed that as well, but Intuit wanted $25 to do it, which is pretty exorbitant considering the RI return is a single sheet with exactly two numbers that aren't copied directly from the federal return. Pass. I'll be getting decent refunds from both. Woo! <Does the dance of impending money>.

Tomorrow is Easter, and I'll be heading to #2 Sister's house in NJ for dinner with the family. That should be fun.
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